Yogalution (free yoga)

Yogalution is the revolution and the solution for our community to heal, grow and evolve. Yogalution is way we can all uncover the lamp of knowledge hidden within ourselves fort he sake of awakening to Self-Realization. Peace WORLDWIDE starts from the inside, so come on out and do the peace work on your a part of the YogaMovement in LB.
we have weekly classes that are ongoing year round, except when weather does not permit (in which case we will post on our Facebook page if we are canceling class) Ongoing classes: Monday @ 11 : Lisa Nakhjiri Tuesday @ 11 : JohnAnanda Wednesday @ 11 : Christa Everest Thursday @ 11 : Jocelyn Fee Friday @ 930 : Gretchyn LovesLife Friday @ 11 : Jakki Braden Saturday @ 11 : Dharma Shakti Sunday @ 11 : Dharma Shakti **Summer classes : Monday @ 6 : Drew Wall Tuesday @ 6 : Jakki Braden Wednesday @ 6 : Haley Scharak Thursday @ 6 : Lisa Nakhjiri Friday @ 6 : Jocelyn Fee/ JohnAnanda **these classes are only offered thru the summer and will end with the time change this fall.**


  1. comin to Cali 'LONG BEACH'! woo... Thinkin like jan6th.

    If anyone could help me in anyway that would be amazing cuz /i know Yogis are the BEST!, There is a lot about me, and yoga is healing me everyday! LOVE IT!

    I am Canadian, and 8 years ago /i was blessed. Has a brain-injury, hahah Blessing yes, today /i feel unreal! traveling the world, making videos and promoting helmets because a helmet is what saved my life! So today I go around and publically speak-schools(all school public-college/uni.)/ events... So if anyone has any info that could help me with my journey that would be great

    please email me @

  2. Could you please tell the location where free classes will be held? Would appreciate that!
    Thanks! :)

  3. Are the 6pm classes still ongoing? Thanks!