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Mission Statement: To carry out the mission of my teacher Swami Vishnu Devananda. Which was to create peace ambassadors, people who are willing and wanting to propagate yoga and therefore propagating peace on earth. So we continue to carry out this mission of cultivating Peace Ambassadors, in every community, every city, every home, every school, every state and in every nation, through the Propagation of Classical Authentic Yoga. Also, by remembering we are servants of servants!

This mentor program is meant to help you develop a deeper understanding of the wisdom that is Yoga, Classical Yoga, Not just Yoga Asana, but the deeper science and philosophy that is the foundation of yoga. Through Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Raja Yoga, Dharma will facilitate your progress and help you along the path.

The pre-requisites for this program are:
-Completion of a 200 hr Teacher Training Program

This Program will cover:
Sankhya Philosophy
The 4 Paths of Yoga (“the eight limbs of yoga” specifically)
Yoga Sutras
Ethics of Teaching
Marketing and GroundWork
Having a Foundation in Sadhana
Yoga Philosophy and its Aim
The 3 Gunas
The 3 bodies and their functions (including the 5 koshas/sheaths)
Yoga and the Mind
The Absolute and Prakriti
The Self as Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss Absolute (SatChitAnanda)
Meditation/Japa Meditation
The 5 Points of Yoga

Requirements to finish:
• 4 hrs of karma yoga a month (24 hours all together)
• observe 2 yoga classes a month (12 classes all together)
• participate in a minimum of 1 public yoga classes a week.
• Assist 2 classes a month (24 hours all together)
• 15 homework assignments completed and entered
• keeping a spiritual journal/sadhana journal

as we meet we will discuss your observations and go over questions from assiting as well, so it is important that you make the effort to do the suggested outline above.

fee $50 a month
this is a 6 month program
$300 total fee



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