Herstory of Free Yoga (yogalution)

Come check out the amazing Yoga Community of Long Beach. This is a class I offer as a way to give back to the community. Originally the idea stemmed from my friends always expressing a desire to practice yoga but couldnt afford the studio's. I feel this is a knowledge and wisdom that should not be kept from anybody, it should not be priveleged to only those who can "afford it". And if you can't "afford it" than you are probably pretty stressed due to finances (amongst other things) which is probably all the more reason it should be offered to you! Yoga and Meditation are scientifically proven to be the best ways to manage stress!

Luckily, Mother Nature does not charge me for using the space at the bluff (she is so giving!), which allows me to offer my time and services as my gift to the community, and as my karma yoga (yoga of action, or selfless service).

I am greatful for the wonderful response Myself and the Free Yoga Crew receive for what we do out on the bluff! We really enjoy spending our time with all the yogi's and yogini's who grace us with their presence! It has been a blast getting to know everyone and watching the growth of individuals and the community as a whole.

It is an all levels class, meaning, anyone from beginner to advanced or anywhere in between is welcome to join. Just bring your mat, if you dont have one, bring a towel or blanket, or you can just be on the grass too! What we do varies from day to day, but we are always doing yoga and having fun! Kids are welcome as well as pets, it is a very free enviroment!

see schedule on Yogalution (free yoga) page
LOCATED @ the bluff between Cherry and Junipero on Ocean Blvd
There is free parking within walking distance, but parking on Junipero does require paying a meter (and they will ticket you if you dont pay!)
Hope to see you out there. Email me if you would like to be added to the email list.
One Love and Many Blessings

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