Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday Wisdom !

Can we please stop complaining about everyones yoga instagram posts/picturers and get back to our own practice, we sound like a jaded ex girlfriend who can't stand to see the other happy. let us try and grow into our yogic selves by putting effort in to our own practice and see what amazing things we can achieve.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Keeping Yoga Spiritual :

Its been quite a while since I have posted much on this blog site. You see, some time ago, i used to enjoy reading, researching and writing, and, well, I still do, I just can't seem to find the time for it. I have so many reasons or excuses (depending on how you look at it and who's opinion you ask) for not finding the time : I am a mother of 2 very lively and energetic boys (ages 5 and 8) i own and operate a business which is umbrella to so very many many projects and creations, where i manage about 30 yoga teachers, a handful of cleaners and volunteers as well as hold space for the 100's of students I see every week.... Truth be said, I am a very busy woman, this is true...

But lately, i have been meditating a lot upon my usage of time and where i commit my time throughout out the day, and i am continuously amazed at the amount of discipline, and i must add, CONSISTENT discipline it takes to consciously manage your time. Every person is given the same amount of hours and minutes each day, why do some accomplish more than others? My personal opinion is, those who accomplish more are simply more committed to time management and direction of creative energy.

Simply put, if you really want something in your life, you make it a priority, its gets your attention, your enthusiasm and action.

So here I am, making and effort to take something that right now may feel like a discipline and turn it into a bliscipline so that this time investment is something that is fulfilling and engaging for me and all who may come across it. getting back to reading researching and writing, something I used to really enjoy doing.

The knowledge of yoga is something I have much respect for, and I, for whatever reason have this ambition to keep yoga spiritual. don't get me wrong, i Love physical asana as much as the next person, but my life would not have transformed without the knowledge of the yogic sciences found all across the vedas and many other sacred yoga texts.

When I first learned about these yoga philosophies over 13 years ago, I was surprised that more teachers and studios were not providing very much education on yogic lifestyle, other than how to dress and what trendy super foods to eat...

Teaching yoga asana without offering any philosophy is impossible for me, I don't see them as separate practices!

And the beauty of yoga is that no matter how you offer and serve it up, it has its way of working its beauty on you, so I honor that everyone has a different way of relating to and practicing yoga, I am just extremely committed to educate those around me who want deeper knowledge.

What invigorates my spirit is, sharing this Yogic knowledge that offers light and insight to ones own life and personal workings.

So here is my public commitment to making time for keeping yoga spiritual, i will be posting weekly, a thought of the week (maybe ill call it monday meditations), i will probably post some videos and things to offer you weekly information about yoga and how to keep it spiritual in your every day life and not just when you are working that booty and thighs in warrior two and sweating like a pig on your expensive $100 yoga mat (yeah, i got one of those crazy expensive mats too, i am right there with you.)... lets keep it real, but lets also keep it spiritual .

One Love and Many Blessings
Dharma Shakti

Find me for a yoga class this week, just because we seek spiritual awareness doesn't mean we give up our material reality, genuine and authentic spirituality is a proper blend of the two, so lets do some ASANA! meet me on the mat :

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Donation Based Yoga Studio : Open for Classes!



Dharma will be teaching a "test run" class this saturday (March 30th), join her for 'Good Rising' Yoga and start your day the righteous way!

There will be a soft opening this coming week, April 2nd 2013.

Full Studio Schedule will be posted soon.

All classes offered by donation.
Suggested Donation is $8-20. It's your practice, It's your choice!

Located at 1240 E Broadway, Long Beach, Ca. 90802. in between Esperanza and Orange.

please click on "Dharma's Teaching Schedule" for updated information.

Grand Opening will be April 27th 4-9pm

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Check out the Yogalution in Long Beach!

Thanks to 3 special ladies for making this lil documentary about 2 years ago for a social anthropolgy project! Job well done girls!