Unattended Birth

The newest addition to the Free Yoga Crew!
Isaac ZeraiDeres Rodrigues Agredano
Born Feb 16 @ 9:58 am

Labor began about 3 am on a tuesday morning. polo had just gotten home from promoting shows out at the clubs...
i didnt bother to tell him as i knew it was just the first stage of labor and i wanted him to rest up for when i would really need his help... the contractions were fairly strong but about 15-20 mins apart so i was able to dose off for a nap in between rushes of energy. Eventually the contractions were closer together and i wasnt able to rest in between...i got on the exercise ball and really focused on my breath, especially my exhale. it was dark and still, it was what they call brhama muharta hour, the ideal time to meditate as the world is quiet and still, i was really enjoying the stillness and peacefulness of my space as well as the dark of the night (or wee morning hours)...staying calm, i rocked on the ball and told my self on the next hour i would wake polo, and then that hour past and i said, okay, next hour i will wake him, and again, contractions were really strong but was doing fine and pretty comfortable on my own...was in and out of the shower and the next hour passed and i finally woke polo around 8 am and asked him to fill up the pool. Once he had the kiddie pool filled I eagerly got in and felt such a weight of responsibility taken off my entire being, it was like i had the support of mother goddes thru the calm and nurturing element of warm water, within 15 minutes my water broke, contractions were really strong at this point, not too much time in between, i reached down to get a sense of what was going on, my body was wanting to "bear down" already and it was really hard to keep from doing so, when i reached down to "feel things out" Isaac's little head felt like it was just an inch away of being out, so, i decide he was ready and i would push on the next surge of energy, took me about 3 pushes and much to my surprise his head was out....at some point adonias woke up, not sure what time it was, he was very excited to see the water in the pool, he had been waiting for weeks to get that thing filled up with water so he could play in it! i remembder Om'ing thru some of the stronger rushes and hearing my little guy saying "sing a song mommy, sing a song" he was such good support. Polo had got out all the supplies we had, stuff friends had donated and stuff my mom had so kindly ordered for me. Polo was ready, he had his little "doctor" station set up, ready to clamp and cut the cord of our new little Isaac. After I felt Isaac's head emerge, I told polo to get in the water and receive him, I was squatting in the water and felt more comfortable with polo behind me to make sure isaac continued to come out well the rest of the way, and he did....polo slowly brought him up to the surface of the water and handed me another beautiful and divine creation jah had blessed us with! wow, he had so much hair, and he looked just like his big brother... it was 958 am, and i was so shocked it wasnt noon yet, and even more happy that i was pretty much done...just thad the placenta to deliver, and i did that about an hour later. we let the cord stop pulsing and decided to cut the cord so little guy could get cleaned up...my dear friend ranmalee had come in a few minutes after the baby was born, adonias was in the pool with me and enjoying his new little brother who he was soooo excited to see! he just kept saying, "baby isaac, look, baby isaac...!) ranmalee helped polo and adonias get the little one cleaned up and swaddled...ranmalee cooked me some awesome kitcheree and made me a wonderful antiseptic antibacterial tea to drink and left me feeling completely tended too. thanks a bunch ranmalee...polo cleaned out the water and pool and we packed up birth supplies we didnt use and magically are home was back to normal as if we hadnt just birthed a new being into the world, but we did, and it was magical, it was blessed, it was EMPOWERING and divine!

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